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FIESTA! Top Spring Festivals for November

You know summer is coming when the first of WA’s outdoor festivals begin. There are so many on offer, it’s mind-blowing to say the least! Grab your friends, family, water and sunscreen and get across to one (or all!) of these amazing events happening in the next...


Top 5 things to do at Merge Festival 2017

Literature, dance, music and more will be hitting the streets and venues of the City of Melville this weekend for the 2017 Merge Festival. And we’ve got the lowdown on which acts you really need to see… 1. Libby Hammer Up Late Jazz Bar, Civic Square Library, 7-9pm...


Peter Pan: Behind the scenes at WA Ballet

Scoop was lucky enough to go behind the scenes of WA Ballet’s rehearsals for its upcoming production of Peter Pan. Just walking into the rehearsal room was an exciting experience, as everyone gathered there was eager to get a glimpse of the magic that the dancers...


9 of the best events at WA Beer Week 2017

This year’s WA Beer Week is almost upon us, a 10-day celebration of everything beer-related and showcasing some of the best breweries the state has to offer. Scoop gets the lowdown on the 9 events you really need to get yourself to. Hear the Beer, Caboose, Friday...


Scots Festival The Tartan Fleck hits WA

Frith Crossley, Project Coordinator for The Tartan Fleck looks forward to papermaker Chrissie Heughan's upcoming workshops at the festival. After meeting Chrissie Heughan and participating in one of her Edinburgh papermaking workshop, I saw a unique window of...


5 Reasons to head out to Rottofest 2017!

Music, comedy, beaches and quokkas, what more could you need? Scoop is here to give you five reasons not to miss Rottofest 2017! Access all laughs One ticket gets you access to all of Rottofest's comedy performances including Arj Barker, Frenchy, Chopper, Rhys...

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